Board training was held in NCN at Atoskiwin Training & Employment Centre (ATEC) on Feb 13th & 14th. Facilitated by Alfred Linklater (Linklater Consulting) Alfred is an NCN member who travelled all the way from Ottawa to offer his expertise to the community’s board members. We had 24 members in attendance all from various organizations. Some new members alongside some very experienced members.

Topics discussed were:

  • OMAFRA Board Governance Guidebook
  • Board Member Self-Evaluation
  • Financial Management Checklist
  • Good Governance Checklist
  • Lines of Communication Board/ED
  • Lines of Communication – NCN Admin
  • NCN Strategic Plan Summary 2023-2028
  • Public Policy Self-Assessment Tool
  • Wabano Example – Board Meeting Agenda for July 16, 2021
  • Wabano Mission Statement

Thank you Shannon Yetman – Assistant Director for accommodating us and for the delicious lunches.

It was a great learning experience for everyone and overall, a success.

Thank you again Alfred.

From Chief & Council, Executive Managment team and board members