Community Directory

General Contact Information

Please See the Directory of Community Services below for phone numbers.

Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation
Box 393
30 Bay Road
Nelson House, Manitoba R0B 1A0
Phone: (204) 484-2332
Fax: (204) 484-2392
Email: [email protected]

Nursing Station 204-484-2031
Emergency Calls 911
Fire Department 204-484-2047
RCMP Complaints 204-484-2288
Emergency Medical Services 204-484-2911
Crisis Line for Abused Women IKWE 1-800-362-3344
Domestic Violence Crisis Line 1-877-977-0007
First Nation Safety Officer 204-307-0912
Community Patrol 204-679-0171 or
Manitoba Hydro After Hours Power Outage and Emergency 1-888-474-0707
Atoskiwin Training & Employment Centre (ATEC) 204-484-2886
Inter-Universities North 1-800-442-0462
University College of the North (Thompson) 204-677-6450
Keewatin Community College (Thompson) 204-677-6463
Nisichawayasihk Education Authority 204-484-2095
N.N.O.C Nisichawayasihk Neyo Ohtinwak Collegiate 204-484-2602
Otetiskiwin Kiskinwamahtowekamik School 204-484-2242
University of Manitoba 1-800-432-1960
Jean McDonald Treasures of Hope Daycare 204-484-2124
Noosi Muskwa Women’s Shelter Landline 24/7 204-484-2634
NCN Family & Community Wellness Centre 204-484-2341
NCN Family & Community Wellness Centre SIL Sub-office 204-374-2302
Nelson House Medicine Lodge 204-484-2256
NCN Personal Care Home 204-484-2350
Nursing Station 204-484-2031
School Dental Clinic 204-484-2357
NCN Medical Receiving Home 204-786-8661
Canada Post (Northern Store) 204-484-2343
Country Foods Program 204-484-2407
Gilbert McDonald Arena and Duncan Wood Memorial Hall 204-484-2061
Grey Goose Bus Lines (Thompson) 204-677-0360
Manitoba Hydro Customer Service (Thompson) 204-677-2357
Nelson House Community Council Office 204-484-2023
Nelson House Development Corporation 204-484-2225
Nelson House Fisherman’s Association and Trappers Assoc. 204-484-2670
Nisichawayasihk Construction LP 204-484-2084
Nisichawayasihk Housing Authority 204-484-2055
Waskahikan Corporation 204-484-2242
NCN Achimowin Radio 204-484-2065
NCN Wuskwatim Implementation Office 204-484-2414
NCN Band Constables 204-484-2062
NCN Band Office 204-484-2332
NCN Human Resources 204-484-2332
NCN Trust Office 204-484-2604
Norman Linklater Memorial Multiplex 204-484-2171
NCN Public Works 204-484-2857
RCMP Non-emergency Inquiries (Thompson) 204-677-6909

Footprint Lake Water Levels

To access near real time water level information for Footprint Lake at Nelson House, go to Environment Canada‘s website.

Thompson Business Directory

Chief Angela Levasseur 204-670-3553
Deputy Chief Marcel Moody 204-679-0157
Councillor Jeremiah Spence 204-679-2633
Councillor Cheryl Moore 204-679-2451
Councillor Ron D. Spence 204-679-0981
Councillor Kim Linklater 204-307-2107
Councillor Shirley Linklater 204-670-5998
Three Rivers Store
Robert McLeod, Manager Office: 204-484-2896
Jemima Lobster, Manager Office: 204-484-2896
Aski’ Otutoskeo Limited (AOL)
Mark B. Linklater, Coordinator Office: 204-484-2414
Cell: 204-939-0221
Atoskiwin Training & Employment Centre (ATEC)
Jim Moore, Director Office: 204-484-2886
Cell: 204-679-0780
Country Foods Program
Malcolm Hunter, Director Office: 204-484-2407
Cell: 204-939-4042
Nelson House Development Corporation
Vacant, Director Office: 204-484-2225
Debris Management Program (DMP)
Bill Yetman, Coordinator Office: 204-484-2414
Cell: 204-939-4221
Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture & Education Authority (NNCEA)
Nic Campbell, Director Office: 204-484-2095
Cell: 519-330-4707
Elders Cabin
Darrell Moore, Supervisor Office: 204-484-2642
Emergency Management Operations (EMO)
Vacant, Director Office: 204-484-2911
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Faith McDonald, Supervisor Office: 204-484-2911
Cell: 204-307-6402
Fisherman’s Association
Ed Primrose, Director Office: 204-484-2027
Cell: 204-679-4248
Gilbert McDonald Arena
James Warren, Director Office: 204-484-2061
Cell: 204-939-3682
Nisichawayasihk Housing Authority
Eleanor Brockington, Director Office: 204-484-2422
Cell: 204-679-0604
Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA)
Amanda Spence, Director Office: 204-484-2886
Cell: 204-670-3824
Income Assistance
Marilyn Spence, Director Office: 204-484-2332
NCN Lands & Resource Department
Gordon Dumas, Director Office: 204-484-2359
Cell: 204-670-5319
Nelson House Medicine Lodge
Marilyn Linklater, Director Office: 204-484-2256
Cell: 431-754-1127
Multiplex/Elders Recreation
Terry Linklater, Director Office: 204-484-2171
Cell: 204-307-2246
Nisichawayasihk Construction Limited Partnership (NCLP)
Sally Wood, NCLP – Finance Manager Office: 204-484-2084
Cell: 204-679-7127
Jim Bunn, NCLP – Manager Office: 204-484-2084
Cell: 204-679-0966
NCN Government
Crystal Linklater, Chief Financial Officer Office: 204-484-2332
Cell: 204-679-0884
Derek Hart, Associate CEO Office: 204-484-2332
Cell: 204-307-2919
Joyce Brightnose, Executive Assistant to Council Office: 204-484-2332
Cell: 204-679-0966
Rosena Lewis, Chief’s Assistant Office: 204-484-2332
Cell: 431-354-2148
NCN Personal Care Home
Jessie Horodecki, Director Office: 204-484-2350
Public Works
Jerry Primrose, Director Office: 204-484-2857
Cell: 204-307-0116
NCN Achimowin Radio
Vacant, Manager Office: 204-484-2065
Recreation Director
Vacant, Director
Nisichawayasihk Taskinigahp Trust Office
Kelly Spence, Director Office: 204-484-2604
Cell: 204-307-7103
Teresa Linklater, Justice Office: 204-484-2604
Cell: 204-670-3995
Human Resources
Lorna Hart, Executive Director Human Resources Office: 204-484-2604
Policy Analyst
Randy Sawatzky, Policy Analyst Office: 204-484-2604
Cell: 204-679-3630
NCN Family & Community Wellness Centre
Felix Walker, Director Office: 204-484-2341
Cell: 204-679-0788
Lynda Wright, Director of Health Office: 204-484-2341
Cell: 204-679-0179
Noosi Muskwa Women’s Shelter
Darlene Spence, Director Office: 204-484-2634
Cell: 204-670-4958