Jack Moore Elders Traditional Program

Restoration of our Traditions, Language, Beliefs and Values

Elders have been hired to become the foundation for the restoration; their knowledge and experiences plays a vital role in “educating our youth” on our Cree Culture, history, language and our way of life. We recognize that the Elders must continue to play an active role in molding our community. They must continue to teach the children, socialize and maintain our traditions so that they persevere with a healthy self-worth The Traditional Program strives to provide alternative opportunities for students who are more successful in using practical, applied learning experiences, rather than text books. Lastly, with the support of the Education Authority, teacher involvement and community networking, it is anticipated that the Traditional curriculum will encompass the basic academics of math, science, geography, history, biology and social studies in the course of their Traditional learning experiences.

The Program has an outdoor education program from the high school where there are twenty one students who utilize the Program three times a week. As well, the Head start Program from the Family and Community Wellness Center come twice a month where they have a specific outline for what they want to see and experience.

Neehetho Calendar

The Jack Moore Traditional Program has been utilizing the Neehetho Land Use Calendar to develop and prepare for each of the (13) moons/seasonal activities. Utilizing the Neehetho Calendar allows our Traditional Program to incorporate the Elders teachings amongst the students. The calendar is as follows:

Sekwun/Spring Season:
Mikisew (Eagle) Pesim &Niski (goose) Pesim Activities include trapping & lynx snaring.

Mithos Kumin/Late Spring:
Athiki (Frog) Pesim & Opinawi (Egg Laying) Pesim Activities include muskrat trapping, duck/goose harvesting, tanning of hides and general outdoor activities

Paskahawi (Egg Hatching) Pesim & O’pahowi (Flight) Pesim Activities include egg collecting, duck and goose hunting, timber harvesting and gathering of berries.

Tukwa Kin/Autumn:
Nimituhumowi (Rutting) Pesim & Nochehetowi (Mating) Pesim Activities are moose, goose and duck hunting, berry harvesting and arts and crafts.

Pawachu Kinases (Shaking snow off the tree) Pesim, Kise (Great) Pesim & Kise Powa Tukinum (Violently blowing snow off the tree) Pesim Activities include mink, fisher, marten, beaver and otter trapping, preparation of pelts, fishing, outdoor survival skills, snowshoe making and teachings of the Cree language