Achieving Economic, Employment, Training and Business Growth

Who We Are…

Building a Brighter Future for Our Nehetho Nation

NCN Development Corporation

The Nelson House Development Corporation was created by Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (NCN) Chief and Council in 1992 to help in fulfilling its vision of sovereignty, self-sufficiency and self governance. All activities of the Development Corporation aim to build capacity, create employment for NCN Citizens and generate revenue to fund NCN programs and services.

The Development Corporation office employs three full-time staff and a couple summer students. We manage several existing NCN corporations, with tens of millions in assets and businesses that employ upwards of 100+ workers.

We continually search for viable economic opportunities to create a foundation for future success. We also offer training, mentorships, and small business loans and subsidies to local Citizens.

To ensure a positive future, we are proactive with business development and seek out ventures that will contribute to our community and help our Citizens. We believe prosperity for NCN can be achieved through rigorous financial management and solid business partnerships.

Ed Vystrcil, Director of NCN Development Corporation 

What We Do…

Providing Growth and Sustainable Development

The Nelson House Development Corporation was created to improve economic security and success for our Cree Nation. We are always actively working on present and future business opportunities with an eye on economic development.

For current NCN corporations and employees, we also:

  • Manage long-term planning and oversee operations, through proactive management
  • Provide a business advantage by keeping costs affordable, purchasing direct from manufacturers/suppliers or wholesale and keeping all businesses competitive in the Northern Manitoba market
  • Provide financial support through loans and subsidies
  • Guide our businesses with successful financial planning
  • Work with NCN Human Resources in areas of employee recruitment, development and training
  • Collaboratively enhance training programs with the Atoskiwin Training & Employment Centre (ATEC)
  • Create summer student programs and offer apprenticeships
  • Create partnerships with financial institutions and stakeholders
  • Provide guidance for potential business owners
  • Sponsor community events
  • Help young people to develop career goals and pursue appropriate training.

Our Success Stories

A Proven Track Record of Financial and Business Development Success

The Nelson House Development Corporation currently oversees several businesses which are wholly owned by NCN and fully self-sufficient, with no provincial or federal funding. These businesses offer amenities, goods and services to the community, provide employment for Citizens, and create profits – 100% of which are received directly by NCN and are used to fund and support many NCN programs and services.

Meetah Building Supplies

Meetah Building Supplies

The building supplies company was established in 1997. It was an important supplier to the Wuskwatim Hydroelectric Project construction. It also provides building and construction materials to other Northern Manitoba First Nations’ projects and currently supplies most of the building materials for NCN housing developments, repairs and local contracting projects. Meetah employs 15 people and eight seasonal workers.

Door and Cabinet Manufacturing Facility

This successful operation employs four people and produces doors and kitchen cabinets for sale in its retail store, for its own house building operations, and for home repairs in the community.

Otohowin Gas Station

Otohowin Gas Station

The local station has been in business since 1997. It has four fuel pumps, a snack shop and employs 12 NCN Citizens. It provides valuable opportunities for NCN youth entering the workforce and is a proud sponsor of many community events.

Gas Bar in Thompson

This fuel station on Mystery Lake property came under the Nelson House Development Corporation umbrella in 2016. Opening in 2017, it is being upgraded to be 2,500 sq.ft. with 12 gas pumps, a snack shop and employs 16 full-time employees.

Thompson Family Foods

Officially opened by NCN in 2013, the food store employs about 34 workers, and provides groceries and goods to local Thompson, Manitoba consumers and NCN Citizens.

NCN Three River Store

The store on Cree Road in Nelson House opened in 2016 with state-of-the-art coolers, a solar wall to reduce operating costs, and 400 post office boxes for NCN Citizens. The store’s goods are competitively priced with Thompson Family Foods and it provides full-time employment for 16 Citizens.

Other Initiatives

New ventures are always being explored, ultimately aimed at generating employment for NCN Citizens and revenue to fund NCN programs. Businesses like NCN’s Highspeed internet service, four rental homes in Thompson and development of the Mystery Lake Urban Reserve property are managed by the Corporation. In 2017, ten five-bedroom homes in Nelson House were completed and jointly owned and managed (with NCN and the NCN Family and Community Wellness Centre) as part of the Bringing the Children Home program. Forty children plus caregivers will occupy the ten homes – rather than being placed in foster or CFS care.

Who We Work With…

Working Cooperatively with Our Cree Nation and Business Partners

The Nelson House Development Corporation is governed by NCN Chief and Council. All profits are put into capital or business development or NCN government-run programs. We frequently meet with potential business developers, financial institutions, potential employees and student program applicants. We are open to partnership opportunities with organizations, communities and other First Nations.

We are here to share ideas, provide guidance and advice, answer questions, and create enthusiasm and success.

We are Committed to Quality Assurance and Accountability

  • All hiring and staffing for our managed businesses is overseen by the Development Corporation
  • We ensure that employees are accountable and work cooperatively within their job role and description
  • We provide opportunity for employees to grow and expand their role and encourage them to think proactively with their own initiative
  • We encourage staff to take initiative
  • Success is achieved by accountable staffing, proper management, effective business policies/procedures, and solid work ethic.

The Development Corporation manages tens of millions in assets. Profits from businesses are put directly back into capital, business development and the community.

Want to Know More?

We look forward to building and growing NCN economic development and always welcome new ideas or new business development plans. Call us anytime to explore opportunities for the future.

Looking for a Job to Build Your Resume?

We are always looking for skilled staff and summer or part-time students.

For more information contact us:

Nelson House Development Corporation
Box 429 Nelson House, MB R0B 1A0
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 204-484-2225