NCN Medical Receiving Home

A Safe, Full Service Stay for Our Citizens

The NCN Medical Receiving Home is a new service provided for ALL NCN community members who have referrals for medical appointments in Winnipeg.

The NCN MRH provides transportation upon a patient’s arrival from the bus depot and airport in Winnipeg to the Medical Receiving Home, to their medical appointments, and to their point of departure from Winnipeg.

The NCN MRH also provides home-cooked meals and accommodations while in Winnipeg for medical appointments.

The NCN MRH is staffed by NCN community members eager to provide our services with care and compassion to reduce the stress on medical transport patients. We aim to make our community members feel valued and respected on their healing journey.

The units are built to be your home-away-from-home in a safe environment and access to city services. Full kitchen and dinette spaces with microwave, stove and refrigerator. Comfortable baths and bedrooms with ample space for families.

Amenities for your Comfort

Our facility has on an onsite cook, 24 hour security, three transportation drivers, daily housekeeping staff, and residential counsellor to ensure a quality stay while attending medical appointments.

Upon your intake clients will be required to provide their referral information from the NCN Nursing Station.

Medical Patients will no longer:

  • Wait on hold for FNIHB
  • Wait for a taxi
  • Stay at a hotel
  • Eat take-out food
  • Worry about missing an appointment
  • Be left stranded in Winnipeg

For more information regarding the intake process or to find out more, please call: