The Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation Strategic Plan is designed to reflect the aspirations of the NCN community (both on- and off-reserve) and guide Chief and Council in its decision-making approach towards meeting its goals. This Plan is an expression of the NCN Citizens’ and NCN Government’s views to help guide Chief and Council and inform their priorities and intentions over the next several years.

More specifically, this plan is a tool that will be used to define NCN’s purpose and to guide its overall future growth. It establishes values, principles, themes, priorities and goals that will shape law and policy, and guide the allocation of capital and human resources. The NCN Strategic Plan also shapes the action/work plans or Detailed Implementation Plans (DIP) for NCN organizations, entities and administration and in turn informs resource allocation under the budget and management processes. Implementation Plans will establish exactly how and when the goals will be set out and how they will be achieved at each NCN department level.

Proposed annual reviews or reports will feed back into the Strategic Plan, helping to keep it current, on track and progressing as expected.

Finally, this plan will be used to help Chief and Council measure its success by comparing the goals listed here to actual achievements on an ongoing basis. Progress reports will regularly be communicated at annual strategic planning sessions, Annual General Meetings and periodically in newsletters, online updates or social media.

NCN Strategic Plan Summary 2023-2028

Current Strategic Plan Document (2023-2028)