About CAP/CIP Fundings

Trust Funds are not intended to be the sole source of funding for large or multiyear projects. The Trust moneys can supplement funding from the Federal Government or other sources of funding and hence are only available for the current year.

Who Can Apply for Funding

Only NCN departments, agencies, corporations and individual NCN members can submit proposals for programs and projects to be funded by revenue from either or both Trusts. However an individual NCN member, when applying for CAP-CIP funding will require an NCN entity to endorse the proposal.

Criteria for Approval

All the applications received by Trust Office are reviewed by CAP-CIP committee appointed by chief and council against the criteria given below. Consideration is given to projects that create, sustain and improve community infrastructure and/or address the community’s social, economic and physical needs. Projects must have maximum impact on job creation within the community. All the applicants seeking for CAP/CIP funding are interviewed to address concerns and/or answer questions by the committee members. After interview sessions CAP-CIP committee makes recommendations to Chief and Council about each proposal submitted to committee and spending funds available from both Trusts. In the final stage of approval process Chief and Council meets CAP-CIP committee to review and approve the committee’s recommendations.

  • Benefits to Community (30%)
  • Management Capability (25%)
  • Budgetary Considerations (15%)
  • Innovation (10%)
  • Evaluation (10%)
  • Quality of proposals (10%)

This is high level overview of the funding process, other conditions may apply. Please see the 1996 NFA Implementation Agreement and the Taskinigahp Trust Indenture for full detail.

How to Apply

We encourage you to download the CAP-CIP application form for funding in either Word or PDF format from the links above, complete the required information and submit it to the Trust Office in person or by registered mail to be received before the deadline.

Filing Requirements

  • Only applications from an NCN members or a representative of a recognized NCN organization or corporation will be accepted (applications on behalf of an organization or company must be supported by a letter from the Director, Assistant Director or senior manager of the organization or company).
  • A financial or budget statement indicating expenses and anticipated sources of revenue.
  • Application must demonstrate that project or program can be properly managed and administered, or else it may be rejected.
  • List and attach policies that will govern your program or project.
  • Only completed applications forms will be considered for funding. To be considered complete, the application must be signed, all questions must be answered and all required documents must be attached.
  • Subsequent applications for funding will only be considered once the required written reports, which contain both narrative and financial information, have been received by Trust Office.

Deadlines and Delivery Proposals

  • Applications must be received at the Trust Office by the deadlines noted on the application forms. Applications received later than the deadline will not be considered.
  • The Trust Office is not responsible for any delays caused by late deliveries of couriers, Canada Post or others.
  • Applications sent by C.O.D, fax or email will be rejected
  • Applications rejected for whatever reason, won’t qualify for reconsideration under any circumstances and must be submitted as a new application

CAP/CIP Application Annual Timeline

By June 15 Issue the call for applications (posters are posted)
By September 15 Application Deadline.
By September 30 Trust Director shall submit a summary of applications to the CAP-CIP Committee. Applicants shall receive a notification on receipt of application
By October 15 CAP/CIP Committee completes preliminary review of applications.
By October 30 The applications will be presented by the applicants to the NCN members before the CAP/CIP Committee. Applicants will be contacted via letter or email on date of meeting. Community meeting to hear presentations by applicants
By November 15 CAP-CIP Committee to recommend projects and budgets to Chief & Council. Trust Director will present recommended budget & Annotation Summary proposed budget to Chief & Council.
By December 15 Chief & Council will formally adopt the 2017 Nisichawayasihk & Taskinigahp (CAP-CIP) budgets pursuant to Article 8.5 of the Nisi Trust Indenture and Article 8.8 of the Task Trust Indenture subsequent to the CAP/CIP meeting.