NCN Community Master Plan

A detailed Community Plan is being developed based on input from NCN Citizens and technical analysis. NCN Chief and Council commissioned a Community

Master Plan in the fall of 2017 to capture the future community needs and expansion plans based on existing work that has been informed by direct community input including: New K-6 Elementary School, New 7-12 High School, New Health Facility, New Water Treatment Plant, and sustainable housing development (up to 20 new houses per year).

The Master Community Plan is a 30 year plan that takes into consideration NCN’s growing population and community needs as well as the most suitable land, accessibility, and maximized investment.

The plan going forward is to develop a section of land northwest of the Otetiskawin Drive and Main Access Road Intersection (next to R.C. Point). It is anticipated that this new development will begin construction in the near future.

NCN Master Plan
NCN Master Plan Schools and Housing