Nisichawayasihk Personal Care Home

Nisichawayasihk Personal Care Home’s mission is to provide the highest possible standard of health care to the elderly of the community who reside at the 24-bed, purpose-built facility.

General staff, work closely with nursing staff to meet the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of all residents.

NCN Personal Care Home Admission Process:

Any community members who are interested in having their loved one(s) admitted to the Personal Care Home, there is a process;

  1. Applicant or family has to see Home Care Nurse and fill out as much as they can. It is strongly advised that an immediate family member is present during the application process as detailed information is required.
  2. Attached with the application forms is “Form C” this is an important piece of the form and has to be filled out by the doctor. Applicants also need to provide the following which needs to be attached to the forms;
    1. Chest X-ray
    2. ECG
    3. Bloodwork
    4. List of Medications

** It is imperative that the above documents are less than six months from date of application or they will get denied. Nurses should also advocate for applicants to get these tests done as soon as possible to prevent delay.

  1. Once forms have been filled and all test documents have been retrieved. Home Care Nurse will fax all forms to Flin Flon Admission/Paneling Department to Beatrice Remlinger at (204) 687-4573.
  2. Once application has been approved, Beatrice Remlinger will send copy of forms to NCN PCH with an approval stamp. Director will then contact the next of kin/proxy.
  3. Prior to admission; Proxy/family/next of kin should be aware that rent applies to each resident admitted to the personal care home. Applicant will require:
    1. Identification such as updated status cards, SIN, MB Health Card, etc
    2. Recent Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency; this will determine what the cost of rent (rate from income).
    3. Financial assistance from a reliable and trustworthy person who will make consistent rent payments unless you given consent to NCN PCH to put applicant under Public Trustee (rental payments, tax preparations, clothing or miscellaneous purchases)
    4. Television, DVD, Satellite if needed. NCN PCH is not responsible for phone or cable set ups and must be paid by applicant. Smart TVs are highly recommended for Netflix, tubi, etc.
    5. Clothing, footwear, outdoor clothing and personal items. If under Public Trustee, Nurse in Charge will notify the PT Office and request for items needed.

Please note: NCN PCH has to wait for approved paneling forms to be sent prior to admitting anyone. This is a MB Health Standards Licensure requirement. When a bed becomes available, we notify paneling committee. If an applicant requires a bed at the facility as soon as possible, management will advocate for applicant as Province has approved this in the past.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact;

Nisichawayasihk Personal Care Home
(204) 484-2350