Sunset on Footprint Lake near Nelson House
Nelson House Map

Nelson House is made up of four reserves totaling 14,460 acres or 5,852 hectares.

It is located approximately 80 kilometres west of Thompson, 250 kilometres northeast of The Pas, and 813 kilometres north of Winnipeg by road.

  • Nelson House #170 is on the north shore of Footprint Lake. (1860.2 hectares)
  • Nelson House #170A lies south of the west end of Footprint Lake (1161.5 hectares)
  • Nelson House #170B lies south of the central part of Footprint Lake, (2826.8 hectares)
  • Nelson House #170C is located on the north-east shore of Footprint Lake, opposite the most easterly part of Nelson House #170 (3.2 hectares)

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Settlement of the Treaty Land Entitlement Agreement will add 324 square kilometres or about 80,000 acres to NCN’s Reserve Lands.

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