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Community Protection Survey Results Are In

Over the last few weeks of February, Chief and Council put out a request to NCN Citizens to complete a short survey that gathered opinions about the Community Protection Law.

The survey had nine questions, and asked for opinions about banishment, alcohol and cannabis limits, and the use of fines, permits and community service agreements.

By March 1, 132 people had responded online or in person.

One question asked if people agree with the current law about banishment, in which people have to wait for five years before they apply to return to NCN Lands. Over 75 per cent said they did not agree with this condition. When asked how long people should have to wait, amounts of time suggested ranged from one year to 10 years. The most common response was two years. Many people said it should be dependent upon the offender’s rehabilitation.

More than 80 per cent of survey respondents agreed there should be penalties when NCN Laws are violated, and almost 55 per cent said fines should continue as a type of penalty. However, more than 60 per cent said the current range of fines, from $750 for providing illegal substances to minors up to $5,000 for gang activity and human trafficking, is not OK.

In the fall of 2022, Chief and Council suspended the permit system, which required permits to transport alcohol, cannabis and intoxicants onto NCN Lands and in other circumstances. The survey asked if Citizens believed the permit system should be restored or continue to be suspended. The results were very close, with 50.78 per cent of respondents believing the permit system should be restored and put back into place.

This survey confirmed to Chief and Council that beliefs about community protection are complicated and broad. For example, many people said banishments were too harsh, and many said banishments were not enforced well enough.

Chief and Council thank everyone who chose to complete the survey. Your concerns about the safety of NCN and its Citizens are appreciated, and this conversation will continue.

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