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Rain Doesn’t Slow Down the NCN Powwow

The 2023 NCN Powwow was held over the first weekend of August at NCN’s beautiful arbour, which allowed the dancers’ spirits to fly free. There was a sense of gratitude that we could gather again after the pandemic.

Each day the powwow started with a prayer from an NCN Elder and a song to honour the ancestors who fought for Indigenous people’s rights. After the opening ceremony, dancers were welcomed onto the grounds for a warmup. The powwow singers sang and Citizens could feel the welcoming vibes through the ground. They enjoyed watching the dancers and their culture being passed down to younger generations.

The arbour was filled with food vendors that provided a variety of goodies such as donuts, lemonade, chili, poutine and candy. Other vendors sold traditional wear, ribbon skirts, mukluks, beaded earrings, and various bags.

Seeing the dancers express themselves really motivated the younger generations to try on their own. The shy children danced with their friends outside of the grounds. Everyone felt the spirit in the powwow grounds and enjoyed each other’s company.

Although there was rain, it did not stop the dancers, many of whom continued on in their regalia. Regalia can be expensive, but the dancers did not care. Kids as young as seven months old were dancing and Elders as old as 63 were seen enjoying the festivities.

Each person was so supportive of the dancers, making sure to respect the grounds by cleaning up after themselves and assisting the Elders as they made their way through the mud.

The 2023 Powwow was a great success and left visitors in awe. We hope that next year people will dress accordingly to the weather, and we encourage NCN Citizens to dress traditionally. Embracing our culture is the first step to combating the assimilation that the colonizers put us through. We mustn’t let our traditions and culture die.

We’ll see you next year! Ekosi!

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