Haley, we are so proud of you!

You have always made big goals for yourself, and we’ve been so happy to cheer you on as you achieve every single one.

From playing in Europe as a brave 11-year-old, when you showed all those doubtful boys what you could do, to being Top Scorer and Top Forward in the U18 AAA league last year, you always amaze us.

Your confidence, hard work, and your commitment to excellence will serve you well as you start your next adventure with the Huskies. You know we’ll come out to see you as often as we can, and we will absolutely be the loudest in the stands!

It is so exciting to watch you play, and just as wonderful to watch you become an accomplished young woman.

You got this! We love you! And to anyone out there reading, if you have a dream, go after it!

To Our Star - Haley Braun