Attention NCN Community!

With the warm weather fast approaching, more boats will be out on the water. NCN Government want to remind everyone to be mindful of the current water levels in our area. The attached pictures show the water levels of the large bodies of water around our NCN community. Please exercise caution, especially when approaching areas with low water levels. Safety first!
Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful weather!


Overall precipitation across the Lake Winnipeg and Churchill River basins has been well below normal for over a year and a half. System inflows are among the lowest recorded in the past 40 years for this time of year. Manitoba Hydro understands that community members may have concerns about low water levels, particularly as spring resource activities begin. Manitoba Hydro advises community members to use caution on the waterways during these times of low water levels.

Current and forecast water levels and flows are available on the Manitoba Hydro website Water levels & flows (

Southern Indian Lake Inflow

Southern Indian Lake inflow is well below average at 23,200 cfs and is forecast to decrease to 18,500 cfs by the end of May. These inflows are at or near record lows.

Notigi Flow

Notigi outflow is low for this time of year at 15,000 cfs, and is forecast to remain constant until the end of May.

Missi Outflows

Missi outflow is being decreased today to 750 cfs now that sustained local inflow to the Churchill River has begun. It is forecast to remain constant near 750 cfs until the end of May.

Footprint Lake

The water level of Footprint Lake is 791.0 ft and is forecast to remain fairly constant until the end of May. The water level is below average and approximately 2.6 ft lower than it was in November 2023.