The little girl in these photos has grown up to be one of the hardest working, most dedicated and inspiring young women. She shines bright, and is true to her name “Sakastiw”.

Who knew that over 12 plus years ago, when you told us you wanted to play hockey, that you in fact would take us all over the World!

Your unwavering sacrifice to play at the top levels of Hockey that your country has to offer, manifests our admiration and support for you to reach your goals! As you and your team head into the quarterfinals, leave everything you have on that ice. Every shift you’re out there!

Encourage your teammates! Have fun.

Even though we won’t be here for playoffs, we are with you in spirit!

Give it your all, play tough! Mom and Dad love you. Your sisters and aunties love you. Nisichawayasihk loves you! Now go get them!

To Our Star - Kurtia Yetman