Department: Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT
Position: Interim Human Resource Director
Deadline: Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Start Date: ASAP
Salary Range: To Be Announced
Ref #: NCN 2023-05-17-001

Position Summary/Job Description:

Reporting to the CEO, the Human Resources Director is a key senior management position with NCN. The HR Director’s main function lies directly in management and leadership of all human resource matters related to employees and positions of the NCN Government. The HR Director works in collaboration with all Department and/or Agency managers to plan, organize, direct, control, monitor and evaluate the operations of human resources for NCN Departments and Agencies. Assist with the development and implementation of policies and procedures regarding human resource planning, recruitment and retention, training and development, occupation classification and pay and benefit administration.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Employee Recruitment and selection process that includes:
    • Posting job advertisement locally with NCN organizations, radio station, HRDA and NCN websites
    • Screening by ensuring interview guides are established for each position, a selection committee to conduct interviews is in place and interview results are reported to the appropriate department or agency manager;
    • Have an employment contract prepared for the review and approval of the department manager and employee, attached with their job description;
    • Ensure a personnel file is established for the employee selected and provided to the department manager
  • Orientation, training, development and capacity building.
    • Oversee and ensure an employee orientation package that includes a personnel policy manual, appropriate payroll and benefit forms is available for every employee hired.
    • Training needs are to be identified through employee appraisals, and/or survey of skills
    • Job position audits may be completed to determine the function, deliverables, qualifications and current needs of the position
    • Coordinate internal and external training and professional development activities;
    • Continuously provide guidance, motivation and the resources to employees of NCN that ensures the growth of the employee’s knowledge and understandings
  • Pay and benefit administration
    • a salary grid developed and kept updated based on occupation classification and qualifications including level education and years of work experience and approved by Chief and Council
  • Human Resource plan
    • Develop and kept updated annually to recruit and retain loyal qualified employees for NCN. The HR plan is to include a retention strategy, succession plan, employee recognition, employee satisfaction surveys complete with analysis and recommendations. The HR plan is to be available to the Department managers.
  • Employee appraisals
    • Develop and implement in consultation with the department managers an employee evaluation template and monitor to ensure annual employee appraisals are completed.
  • Personnel Policy
    • Advise and assist other development managers on interpretation and administration of personnel policies and programs of personnel policies and programs. Organize and conduct employee information meetings on employment policy, benefits and compensation. Ensure compliance with legislation such as the Canada Labour Code.
  • Personnel committee
    • Provides leadership to the current personnel committee that is responsible for providing investigation and recommendations to CEO for all employee/contractor grievances


  • A bachelor’s degree in a field related to personnel management, such as business administration, industrial relations, commerce or psychology or completion of a professional development program in personnel administration is required;
  • Several years of experience as a personnel officer, human resource specialist or manager;
    Individual must have the knowledge and understandings along with the experience of the traditional aspects of Cree culture

If you are interested, please forward your cover letter, Criminal Records Check and resume to:
Nora Thomas, Human Resource Administrator
Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation
Phone: (204) 484-2604
Cell: (204) 307-1178
Fax: (204) 484-2588
Email: [email protected]