My Council and I want to again acknowledge and thank all NCN Citizens, front line workers, essential staff and residents for your dedication, commitment and compliance as we now enter the 6th week since our State of Emergency was declared.  The COVID-19 virus continues to spread world-wide and the number of deaths continues to grow.

We know that maintaining stringent lockdowns, physical distancing measures, frequent hand washing and sanitization of our homes, workplaces and other surfaces has helped to contain the virus.  We truly appreciate everyone doing your part to prevent Covid-19 from entering our community.

We continue to review the Orders in Council (OICs) previously issued to ensure that they meet the ongoing issues that arise as part of our response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  As the number of cases is low in the north and that we recognize your frustrations in not having access to a wider variety of foods and other supplies, we have decided to allow people to take one trip only to Thompson today, tomorrow and next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We have a number of rules in place to safeguard the health and safety of our citizens.

A new Order in Council was approved yesterday and it sets out all the details for the various measures that are in place.  We also have a fact sheet available that outlines the rules.  Please read them carefully or ask if you do not understand them as anyone breaking the rules will be fined $500.00 and could lose other benefits or be banished from the community.

The rules for shopping in Thompson are as follows:

  1. No person may leave the community before 6:30 am with the exception of essential services workers;
  2. Only four (4) people aged 18 and over can travel in each vehicle;
  3. A maximum of fifteen (15) people on a first come, first serve basis will be allowed on four buses. Social distancing will be in effect while on the bus.  Pick up will be start at 9:00 am each morning and second trip at 1:00 pm the Gilbert McDonald Arena and drop off will be at the Family Foods in Thompson.  Each person must go back to Family Foods to catch a ride back to NCN on the same bus they took to Thompson.
  4. No children will be allowed to leave the community by personal vehicle or bus;
  5. Any person who leaves the community to go shopping must be in the line up at the check-stop no later than 8:00 pm or they will not be allowed to re-enter the community;
  6. Each person ordinarily resident at NCN will only be allowed one trip out of and back into the community unless the person is an essential worker.
  7. No overnight trips or visiting in Thompson will be allowed;
  8. Fast foods will be allowed into the community on these days, but the First Nations Safety Officers shall have the discretion to search such food products;
  9. No alcohol or cannabis can be purchased;
  10. Each person leaving the community must agree in writing to abide by all NCN Laws and the provisions in this Order prior to leaving the community.
  11. Anyone who violates the rules will receive a $500.00 fine, which will be deducted from payroll and social assistance, and could be evicted, banished, have other benefits removed or be subject to other penalties, fines under the Public Health Orders (Manitoba) or Quarantine Act (Canada) and disciplinary action under NCN personnel policies.

Please continue to pull together for the sake of our community as all lives matter and we must do the most we can to prevent any single one of us from dying.  We hope that sometime next month the rules can be relaxed a bit if the number of cases in Manitoba do not start increasing again.  Thank you for your support.