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Featured Story

Gathering at Poplar United Church Cemetery Pays Respect

On Wednesday, July 6, a group of NCN Citizens gathered at the Poplar United Church cemetery to remember beloved friends and family who have passed on.

Councillor Shirley Linklater organized the event, which she hopes will become a highlight for the community every year. “It was a get together to acknowledge our loved ones who have passed on. I wanted people to come out and clean the cemetery, to gather together and pay our respects.” It was a wonderful time to reflect and celebrate. Read the Newsletter for the complete story.

Grandparent Appreciation and Mini Festival


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  • Voice of Our Youth: YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE UNTIL IT’S GONE – Charlize Linklater
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  • Important Walk Raises Awareness of Missing and Murdered Northerners
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