Attention NCN Citizens:

We have been getting a lot of concerns about the escalating violence, alcohol, and drug use in the community.

Our people are suffering as a result, especially our children and our Elders. Gang activity has made NCN unsafe. Escalating violence has created an environment where our citizens are living in constant fear.

All this violence our community is experiencing is causing extreme pressure and stress to our nurses, CFS, FNSOs, EMS, RCMP, teachers, administrators and students. All this chaos is putting extreme pressure on our entire nation and it’s not sustainable.

And drugs and alcohol continue to fuel the violence as gang members attack our citizens and each other. Domestic violence and Elder abuse are rampant as a result of the steady influx of drugs and alcohol into our community.

Repeat offenders and/or those who have been banished continue to enter NCN lands in violation of banishment orders and in violation of our Community Protection Law.

Enough is enough!

Drug dealers and bootleggers, we know who you are, and we will be dealing with you.

As per our community protection law; those who continue to sell alcohol and drugs will be evicted from their homes and will be banished from NCN lands.

NCN Chief and Council has the authority to evict or banish:
17 (1). A person who
(a) poses a significant threat to the health, safety or wellbeing of NCN or any person residing on or visiting NCN Lands,
(b) has engaged in human trafficking, harbouring or other criminal activity, or
(c) refuses to comply with NCN Laws,

(A person) may be evicted from any residence, building or other premises or banished from NCN Lands by order of Chief and Council or any person or entity to whom Chief and Council has delegated such authority by regulation

So just to be clear: if you harbour someone who is banished from NCN in your home, you can face eviction from your home and/or banishment from NCN lands.

In terms of the check stop and as per our community protection law:

“All motorized vehicles, non-motorized vehicles, persons, and any personal property in such vehicles or on such persons may be searched prior to being allowed entry onto NCN Lands and any person who refuses to be searched shall not be allowed entry onto NCN Lands.”

We want our citizens to live in peace and harmony. We want all of our citizens, especially our children, and our Elders to feel safe. This means we must address the violence, (including lateral and domestic violence), and the drugs and alcohol that are destroying our peace.

Please reflect on the times when there were very low levels of alcohol and drugs in NCN.

Our community was quiet, peaceful, and safe. People were happy, and children and Elders were happy. Everyone was fixing up their homes, beautifying their homes and yards, and being productive and creative. That is the kind of community our children and grandchildren deserve to live in.

Our children deserve to have loving homes, sober parents, and food on their tables. With the current state of affairs, it is our children that are suffering and going without while drug dealers and bootleggers profit from our collective misery. The Child tax benefit is meant to benefit children, not fund addictions.

Maybe it is time that NCN became a community that is free of alcohol once again. And we have absolutely no use for the cocaine and other drugs that are killing our people!

Please come to our General Band Meeting on April 11th at 1:30 pm – we need your opinion on the banishment of alcohol.

Chief Angela Levasseur
Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation