Attention NCN Citizens/Managers/Directors:

Spring break is starting for our children on Friday, March 24th, 2023, followed by Flex week. We want our children, Elders, and community members to feel safe and to live a life that reflects healing, wellness, and good health. The good life: Mitho pimatisiwin

Therefore, NCN will be drug and alcohol-free from Friday, March 24th 2023 until Easter Monday, April 10, 2023. We will proclaim this time period as our NCN Healing and Wellness Drive.

We direct ALL program managers and directors to provide as many activities for our people as possible in order to promote healing and wellness.

For example:

  • Drug & alcohol awareness & intervention
  • church services, prayer groups, gospel jams
  • sharing circles, ceremonies, and traditional activities
  • land based activities i.e. fishing derbies, wiener roasts, sliding parties, etc.
  • AA meetings
  • Recreational programming, Entertainment
  • professional counseling sessions/healing opportunities
  • contests with prizes
  • visiting
  • spring cleaning
  • opportunities for people to do their own home renovations (basic repairs, painting, etc.)

Chief Angela Levasseur
Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation