July 13, 2023

Chief and Council have declared a State of Emergency to deal with the violence and illegal activity that has been negatively impacting our community for a number of years. Alcohol and drug use, bootlegging and illegal drug activity are causing increased, very serious violent incidents in our community. 

Effective at 6:00 pm on Thursday, July 13, 2023 the following measures will be in place: 

  • Anyone bootlegging, transporting or selling illegal drugs will be evicted or banished from NCN Lands; 
  • Any person who attempts to bring alcohol or cannabis over the amounts outlined in the Community Protection Law regulations will be fined and all of the alcohol and/or cannabis they are trying to bring onto NCN Lands will be seized; 
  • Bear Mace, Machetes, knives or guns cannot be brought onto NCN Lands unless approved by Chief and Council or their authorized designate; 
  • Any person who tries to or causes harm to another person using bear mace, machetes, knives, guns or other weapons may be immediately evicted or banished from NCN Lands or alternative measures will be taken 
  • A curfew from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am will be in effect for all children under the age of 18 and if parents or guardians fail to rectify the situation, they will no longer be eligible for regular benefits, Alternate Benefits will be in effect and CFS will be notified;
  • ATVs and boats cannot be operated on or adjacent to NCN Lands from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am and will be seized for 30 days if they are and persons will be required to pay $500 for a 1st offence, $1000 for a 2nd offence and will be banished if they violate the rule a 3rd time; 
  • All access roads, trails, rivers and waterways that lead to NCN Lands will be patrolled and searches of vehicles and other personal property will take place; 
  • Persons released from jail will require a special pass to be allowed entry onto NCN Lands; 
  • Any person who violates the OIC will be offered the opportunity to entre into an agreement to pursue a plan to achieve Mithopematisiwin (a good life) and if they refuse will be evicted or banished from the community upon order of Chief and Council. 
  • Failure to comply with the OIC will result in fines or other penalties and disciplinary action for employees. 


All NCN Citizens, residents and visitors to NCN Lands must work together with Chief and Council if we are to stop the violence. This includes the lateral violence that is taking place through the use of social media. We all have a collective responsibility to make our community a safe place to live, work and raise our children.