October 6, 2023 


There has been an increase in COVID cases recently so to avoid a major outbreak this fall and winter we want to remind everyone to do your part. Everyone who has symptoms or who attended social events last week should test if they develop symptoms. 

  • Follow ALL of the fundamentals – wear a mask when attending gatherings, physical distance, limit contacts, clean and sanitize your home and workplace, wash your hands frequently, get vaccinated and get tested if you have any flu or cold like symptoms or have had contact with anyone who tested positive. 
  • If you have ANY symptoms at all, STAY HOME, call public health if you have questions – 204-484-2341 (Monday to Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm). After hours please call the Nursing Station for all urgent COVID concerns. 
  • If you test positive you MUST isolate for at least 5 days and wear a mask for an additional 10 days after testing negative – if you live with other people wear your mask around them at home also – public health will provide you with additional information. 
  • Please report all positive tests to public health so that they can monitor the situation to try to avoid outbreaks and to keep the community informed through the DASHBOARD and other means. 
  • Like other vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccines wear off over time so boosters are needed to provide ongoing protection. PLEASE CONTACT PUBLIC HEALTH TO ARRANGE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TO GET THE VACCINE, THE NEW BOOSTER AND YOUR FLU SHOT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.