Deadline: FRIDAY, October 27, 2023
Start Date: ASAP
Salary Range: Negotiable
Ref #: 2023-10-13-001


The General Manager will be responsible to keep the Nelson House Development Corporation informed about the business activities, personnel, and administrative practices of the Corporation, and to advise the Board on matters of policy. The General Manager is also responsible to the Board for the effective operation of the Corporation and all its subsequent registered businesses, and to ensure funds entrusted to the Corporation are kept safe from misuse and are expended according to Board Policy.


The administrative responsibilities of the General Manager include the following:

  • To ensure that the Nelson House Development Corporation operates in accordance with By-Laws and policies established by the Corporation and relevant Band Council Resolutions, provincial and federal laws;
  • To administer all business activities of the Corporation, and to ensure that these are evaluated, reviewed, and modified as needed;
  • To recommend to the Board the employment of personnel and to be responsible for evaluating their effectiveness;
  • To take responsibility for public relations and for the development and maintenance of good relationships between the Nelson House Development Corporation, the Band Council, the community, and clients of the Corporation; and
  • To prepare, in conjunction with the Finance Officer, a proposed annual budget of the Nelson House Development Corporation for submission to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Organization administration of the Nelson House Development Corporation by:
    1. Providing leadership in the development of effective approaches to economic development;
    2. Establish and implement effective staffing practices for all employees in accordance with the personnel policies of the Board, including maintaining personnel files of benefits, leave, and evaluation records, as specific in personnel policy.
  • Administer the funds provided for the Nelson House Development Corporation by:
    1. Identifying operational requirements for the corporation and through proper planning, assisting in preparing budgets and estimates;
    2. Preparing an annual inventory of equipment and capital assets;
    3. Ensuring that monthly and annual financial statements are prepared;
    4. Ensuring that a system of accounting for all money and property belongings to the corporation is maintained;

       All other duties as assigned.


Preferably an MBA (Master of Business Administration) with experience in management.

If you are interested, please forward your cover letter, Criminal Records Check and resume to:
Nora Thomas, Human Resource Administrator
Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation
Phone: (204) 484-2604
Cell (204) 307-1178
Fax: (204) 484-2588
Email: [email protected]