A3 – Assistant Director of Education – Roles and Responsibilities

As of May 2020, this job description was created and provides direction to the one who holds the position.

A – Role

The Assistant Director is employed by the Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority (NNCEA) Inc. and works under the direction of and reports to the Director of Education. Observes the highest degree of confidentiality concerning any matter pertaining to NNCEA school operations and NNCEA School Board activity and affairs.

B – Goal

The Assistant Director of Education has a multitude of tasks to perform

C – Performance Responsibilities

The Assistant Director of Education will assist the Director of Education with developing, maintaining, monitoring and administering the following school system programs, services and activities designed to meet student and community needs for the NNCEA.  Responsibilities and authority are delegated in the following areas:

Leadership Supports

  1. Adheres to, complies with, updates (as needed) the NNCEA policy manual and applicable legislation which governs our First Nation school system in Manitoba and Canada.
  2. Assists the Director of Education with annual tasks, proposal writing and report writing that require completion especially regular messages for the radio, newsletters.
  3. Represents and assists the Director of Education on all NNCEA staff matters and/or local and external business matters as deemed necessary/directed.
  4. Attends all meetings of the School Board; local Chief and Council invites; Director of Education sessions; local, regional, provincial, national annual general assemblies, community meetings, etc. as required/authorized except when matters relevant to your employ are being considered.
  5. Records minutes and maintains accurate records of the proceedings of every Board meeting and ensures Board actions and wishes are communicated properly. Posts approved NNCEA information publicly.
  6. Attends to incoming and outgoing School Board correspondence as directed.
  7. Assists with effectively implementing all Board policies, directives and by-laws of the Education Authority and the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation.
  8. Assists the Director of Education with Board activities/directives

Facility Operations and Maintenances

  1. Provides leadership in developing, maintaining and achieving an effective, efficient building and maintenance program at the elementary school, high school, central office, all NNCEA teacherages and all NNCEA properties, assets and equipment.
  2. Creation/monitoring of the annual budget for facility operations and maintenance
  3. Creation and on-going revision of an NNCEA facility operations and maintenance manual
  4. Creation and on-going revision of a teacherage manual
  5. Responsible for the teacherages: assignments; tenant list; repairs, renovations, info to NNCEA finance, furnishings, etc.
  6. Ensuring NNCEA properties are a safe environment for all students, staff, visitors.
  7. Supervision and evaluation of maintenance supervisor and other team members
  8. Provision of required professional development/training for the maintenance team
  9. Ensures that annual maintenance (fire alarm system, electrical, etc.) checks are completed by the due dates.
  10. If not stated on this document and unforeseen issues arise, the Assistant Director will address and resolve as promptly as possible, in consultation with the Director of Education.


  1. Responsible for the establishment and on-going development of the NNCEA Bus Transportation Program and its personnel
  2. Creation/monitoring of the annual budget for transportation
  3. Responsible for all NNCEA vehicles registrations, regular maintenance and safekeeping
  4. On-going supervision, evaluation and training of the NNCEA Bus Transportation program and the NNCEA Transportation Supervisor and its drivers
  5. Ensuring all needed maintenance of buses is completed so NNCEA buses are safe and available as needed for when school is in session and/or for sports/field trips
  6. Orders and recommends needed repairs/equipment to the Director of Education
  7. Responsible for the proper, safe storage of all NNCEA buses/vehicles/equipment

Information, Communications and Technology (ICT)

  1. To oversee the safe management/operations of the ICT unit for NNCEA
  2. To supervise and evaluate the Network Administrator for NNCEA
  3. To oversee the ICT budget in consultation with the Network Administrator
  4. To relay the needs of the ICT department to the Director of Education

High School

  1. Overall involvement with and responsibility for the local high school and to work closely with the high school administrator/community
  2. To oversee/develop the high school budget with the high school Administrator
  3. To supervise and evaluate the high school Administrator formatively and summatively
  4. To report/act on any high school building deficiencies to the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation’s Public Works department for address/resolution
  5. In the absence of a high school Administrator, to ensure adequate staffing/operations
  6. After school programming/ensure the implementation of before and after school programming at both schools/ensure the implementation of the NNCEA summer camp during summer months

Post-Secondary Education

  1. Responsible for co-chairing of the NNCEA Post-Secondary Education (PSE) Committee and the NNCEA Post-Secondary Program
  2. Oversee the post-secondary budget with the Director of Education, the PSE Committee and Senior PSE Counsellor
  3. Responsible for agenda/minutes, booking meeting sites, write-ups or any other areas
  4. Responsible for the supervision and annual evaluation of the Senior Post-Secondary Counsellor in consultation with the Director of Education
  5. To ensure the smooth operations/needs of the Winnipeg sub-office and NNCEA’s PSE students
  6. Oversee the Bachelor of Education Program
  7. Oversee the implementation of upscaling for adult education through NNCEA

General Areas of Assistance

  1. Strategic planning for the organization
  2. Periodic audits of various programs
  3. Recruitment, evaluation and management of NNCEA personnel, as requested
  4. Assistance with NNCEA finances and NNCEA’s annual budget
  5. The management of NNCEA records
  6. Involvement with needed investigations
  7. Involvement with the new high school and new elementary schools planning and/or negotiations
  8. To provide a monthly activity report to the Director of Education in the areas of responsibility
  9. Grants/Proposals
  10. Oversee applying for grants and proposals as well the execution of proposals and all reporting requirements

D – Personal Attributes and Characteristics

  1. Uses time effectively
  2. Willingly assist with other areas of responsibility
  3. Focuses on assigned tasks and is willing to upgrade skills
  4. Understands Board policies and duties and follows appropriate lines of communications
  5. Is responsible and discreet in carrying out duties.
  6. Respects confidentiality and conducts oneself in a professional manner at all times
  7. Serves as a positive role model in daily conduct

E – Qualifications

  • Masters of Education
  • Bachelors of Education
  • Drivers Licence

Qualified applicants are invited to submit their resume and cover letter along with (3) references (including most recent employer reference) to:

NNCEA Human Resource Department

6 Otetiskiwin Drive West

Nelson House, MB.  R0B 1A0

Email:  [email protected]

This Position is “Open until filled”

We thank all those who apply, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.  No phone calls will be accepted.  Successful applicants must provide satisfactory criminal and child abuse registry checks.