March 30, 2021




All NCN Citizens 18 years of age and older living in Thompson can get vaccinated at the Norman Linklater Memorial Multiplex on Wednesday, March 31st and Thursday, April 1st from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. NCN Citizens and residents living in the community should continue to go to the Multiplex to be vaccinated.

Consent forms are located at the NCN Gas Bar in Thompson. Please try to pick up a form and complete it in advance to help speed up the process when you get to the community.

You must provide your own transportation to the community. If you plan to get a ride with someone outside your own household please remember to use a good fitting mask and maintain physical distancing as best as possible in the vehicle.

Once you reach the checkstop you will be escorted directly to the Multiplex. Once you are vaccinated you will be escorted back out of the community. ABSOLUTELY NO VISITING IS ALLOWED AT THIS TIME.

NCN Citizens living in Winnipeg should NOT travel north at this time to be vaccinated.

Further announcements will be made about vaccinating our people in other areas as soon as we have more information.