Message to All NNCEA Parents/Caregivers & NCN Community from NNCEA Director of Education, Friday, April 4th, 2020

  1. Tanisi! We do hope that all our children, students, parents, Elders, staff & families are doing well considering this unforeseen battle with coronavirus that has invaded our world.
  2. Please abide by all the recommended safeguards & limitations that have been put in place to guard against us this unpredictable virus that changes daily.
  3. Many thanks to all the NCN personnel/volunteers who are working tirelessly to keep us safe! Your efforts are appreciated, kinanoskimitin! We need to be grateful for all your help!
  4. If you are an NNCEA employee & want to help out or volunteer, please give Kim Linklater a call at 204-307-2107. (Licensed drivers, cooks, cleaners, clerks, former FNSOs, etc. are needed.) NCN NEEDS YOU!! CURRENT HELPERS ARE TIRING.
  5. For your information, NCN Chief & Council, NNCEA School Board, NNCEA Sr Administration, ATEC Director & NHTA President met yesterday to discuss the letter from the Minister of Education for Manitoba which has directed all schools to suspend classroom learning indefinitely for this school year due to coronavirus or COVID-19.
  6. A directive as such, by the Education Minister, has never been issued & this had to be taken to the school/community leaders. & a meeting was held. Background info was provided.
  7. As a result of this meeting, the School Board made the following motion:
    • NNCEA Motion #2020-04-03-01: That the NNCEA School Board suspend classes for the duration of this school year. Under the direction of the Director of Education, that the Administration prepare innovative approaches to classroom learning. Those plans be implemented in the community for this duration of this particular school year so there is learning happening. Plans be developed for the Fall school year start date.
    • Mover: F. Walker
    • Seconder: L. Moody
    • Result: Carried
    • Everyone present understood the motion & it will be implemented as best as possible
  8. Be reminded that NNCEA Administration, teachers and EA’s are on break till April 13th, 2020. Those NNCEA employees in the community/afar will have to be part of the educational plan that has to be designed. A message will go out on the radio & will be posted before April 9th, 2020. NNCEA employees will be informed on how we will function & the next steps.
    All regular NNCEA employees currently on payroll will not lose pay. Re-assignments within the school system or the community may be necessary.
  9. As of today, with the restrictions currently in place, NNCEA employees who are out of the community (in Thompson, Winnipeg, Leaf Rapids, South Indian, Cross Lake, Puk, etc.) AND the province WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ENTRY UNTIL IT IS SAFER. They will have to work from afar via the technology.
  10. The leadership has given NNCEA Administration one month to think about how we will communicate/operate, create alternative approaches & a form of remote instruction by working together with teachers, EA’s, parents, Elders, etc. It’s a time to meet the needs, to be resilient, get creative & be proactive so our students will continue to learn in some way.
  11. Plans A, B, C, D, etc. needed. Planning will have to be done to minimize the impact on the next school year & arranging for learning recovery where needed.
  12. Some ideas discussed were: ZOOM/Google classrooms (3); land-based learning group activities, phys. ed groups, take inventory of technology in the community, use tablets/cell phones, use Mathletics & other apps, FB account for every teacher/each school/each classroom, fun-time activities.
  13. Provincial exams will be cancelled. Students who were on track to graduate from grade 12 this year will. Their graduation ceremony will be postponed until a safer time.
  14. No students will be held back because of the COVID-19 pandemic & students will receive a final grade and report card
  15. School buildings may close but essential staffing has to be maintained for on-going operations and so resources can be accessed.
  16. Schools must ensure social distancing & increase cleaning for infection prevention
  17. Keep in mind this powerful Serenity Prayer
    God has granted us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change
    and given us the courage to change the things we can
    and He has provided us with the wisdom to know the difference

Ekosani! Another message will be posted next week, take care, stay safe!