Overall precipitation across the Lake Winnipeg and Churchill River basins has been well below normal since summer 2022 and system inflows are among the lowest recorded in the past 40 years for this time of year. Manitoba Hydro understands that community members may have concerns about low water levels, particularly as fall resource activities are underway. To assist leadership in communicating with their members, Manitoba Hydro has provided these weekly water level updates.

With increased and rising water levels and the initiation of freeze-up on Footprint Lake, this is the last of our weekly low water level updates.

Current and forecast water levels and flows are available on the Manitoba Hydro website Water levels & flows (hydro.mb.ca)

Footprint Lake

The water level of Footprint Lake increased by 0.6 feet to elevation 793.9 feet this past week, about 1.2 feet higher than the lowest level experienced last fall. The level is expected to rise to 794.4 feet by the end of the month.

Southern Indian Lake Inflow

Southern Indian Lake inflow from Saskatchewan is well below average at 21,900 cfs and is forecast to decrease to 19,300 cfs by the end of November.

Notigi Flow

Notigi outflow is low for this time of year at 25,000 cfs.  This is expected to be the maximum flow through the CRD this winter with reductions coming mid-winter and into spring 2024.

Missi Outflows

Missi outflow is near the licence minimum at 4,250 cfs and is expected to remain constant throughout November.