April 4, 2021




There is another active case in the community. Once again we must take action to try to safeguard the community.

It is very frustrating when people fail to follow public health guidance and do not wear masks or limit their contacts. As a result, we now have no choice but to re-implement the following restrictions effective immediately:

  • A strict STAY AT HOME order for at least 48 hours to allow contact tracing to take place;
  • All NCN offices will be closed to the general public except for the Nursing Station, Wellness Centre public health and nursing services, and EMS;
  • ATEC, the Multi-Plex, Arena, the Wellness Centre fitness Centre, the VLT Centre, the Beer Vendor and the schools are closed until further notice;
  • Three Rivers Store will be open at 25% capacity and one person from each household will be allowed to shop for supplies;
  • The gas station will remain open subject to regular public health restrictions;
  • Funerals are limited to immediate family only – processions will be allowed as long as everyone remains in their vehicles at all times;
  • No commuters will be allowed into the community with the exception of members of the public health team;
  • No trips into or out of the community will be approved until further notice except for medical appointments or medical emergencies approved by the Nurse in Charge or designate;
  • All persons who left the community overnight will be required to isolate at their residence pending review by the public health team;
  • All requests from persons who previously signed themselves out of the community and wish to return are suspended until further notice.

Additional information will be provided as soon as contact tracing takes place. In the meantime, it is critical that everyone follow the rules and STAY HOME to give the health team a chance to get a handle on the extent of the issue.

Importance of Public Health Measures Including Vaccinations

This pandemic is far from over. We all must follow the public health rules at all times. If you have any mild cold or flu symptoms get tested immediately. Isolate if you are told to do so. Get vaccinated as soon as possible.

The vaccination clinics scheduled for Tuesday, April 6th and Wednesday, April 7th at the Family and Community Wellness Centre will proceed by appointment only.

Do your part and get vaccinated to protect yourself, your loved ones and our community.

Criticisms and Negativity Must Stop

Easter is supposed to be a time of renewal that brings peace, joy and happiness. Instead, our leadership and staff are facing ongoing criticisms, nastiness and lateral violence. We have been trying to do our best for over a year to keep our community safe and healthy. We can’t continue to do this without your support.

We understand this has been a very, very frustrating year but that is no excuse for negative, hurtful comments and irresponsible behavior. Our ancestors taught us Asehewewin – each of us is responsible for our thoughts, words and actions and how they affect others. Be kind, responsible and caring. This is what will continue to make our Nation resilient and strong so we can get through this pandemic.