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Sacred Pipe Repatriated to NCN

Since the early 1990s, extensive archaeological surveys were conducted on Wuskwatim Lake to locate and recover ancestral burials and evidence of archaeological and historical kapisiwina – camp sites eroding into the water. The purpose of these surveys was to save our ancestors’ remains and their tools and belongings from going underwater and becoming lost forever. From them we learn of our ancestors’ acimowina – stories and kiskinwahamakiwina – teachings that have fostered our cultural identity as the nisichawayasi n hithowak for many generations.

Many cherished items associated with NCN history were found during these surveys, one being a sacred pipe, approximately 150 to 200 years old, recovered by knowledge keeper Harry Spence on September 19th, 2009. Myra Sitchon, who was working on the survey at the time as a provincial archaeologist, witnessed the moment Mr. Spence found the pipe. Being near his camp, Mr.Spence has searched the area many times but has never found much until this moment when the pipe was just sitting on the surface. The sacred pipe was sent to Winnipeg for studies with the intent to return it to the community.

On September 27th, 2019, there was a special ceremony and feast as part of the repatriation process to return the pipe to NCN territory. Read the Newsletter for the complete story.


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