Revision to NNCEA Policy 803B: School Closure Due to Cold Weather Policy

The Board intends that its schools operate in accordance with the laws and the annual school calendar.

Students cannot afford to miss school. Year after year, there have been multiple cold weather school closures.

In an effort to reduce lost school days and lost instructional time, it has become necessary to repeal all previous versions of NNCEA Policy 803B. At a duly convened meeting of the NNCEA School Board, it was decided that:

  • Both NNCEA schools will remain open.
  • Central office and NNCEA schools will remain open.
  • Buses will continue to transport students.
  • All staff are to be at the workplace.
  • Assigned staff will be on duty and classes will be held.

Parents must decide if sending their child(ren) to school is in their child(ren)’s best interests when temperatures are -40° C or colder with the wind chill. This is called parental discretion.

NOTE: Parents must ensure children are dressed appropriately for weather conditions. Any child(ren) not dressed properly will be taken home.

Should the temperature and/or weather become an endangerment during the school day, the School Principals will:

  1. make a recommendation to the NNCEA Director of Education (Assistant Director if the Director of Education is unavailable) who will make the final decision.
  2. The Director of Education or delegate will inform the NNCEA School Board Chair, the NNCEA Board of Trustees, educational leaders, bus supervisor promptly via text, email and/or phone call.
  3. Prior to the school closure, notice will be posted on the local websites (NNCEA) AND social media (Facebook) by ICT personnel and/or School Administration so the community/staff/bus drivers are informed/aware.
  4. All NNCEA students will be transported home safely

Student Awards Not Affected by Cold Weather Closures

Students’ attendance will not be affected by these decisions since year-end awards will be issued for excellent attendance.  Students whose attendance range is between 90 – 100% for the school year will qualify for excellent-attendance awards.  This process takes into consideration absences due to unforeseen circumstances