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Featured Story

Our Constitution, Our Sovereignty Othasowewin Tipethimisowin

A Constitution is Important Because it:

  • Gives us more control over our own lives and further removes us from the Indian Act
  • Describes the beliefs, values and principles that guide our First Nation
  • Describes our government, their powers and authority
  • Describes the rights and responsibilities of our Citizens
  • Is a framework for stable governance and describes how decisions will be made
  • Establishes the process for laws to be made
  • Establishes how laws will be enforced and how disputes will be resolved
  • Is a critical building block for creating sustained economic development and self-sufficiency.

Get To Know NCN’s Constitution

Preamble – describes who we are and an overview of our beliefs and principles
Chapter 1 – includes the customary law principles that have guided our Nation for centuries as well as definitions used in the Constitution Read the Newsletter for the complete story.

State of the Nation Fall Address


  • 8,300-Year-Old NCN Ancestors Repatriated to New Burial Site
  • New NCN Staff Knocking on Your Door – Get to Know Your Othasowewin (Constitution) Community Consultants
  • 6 NCN Families Displaced from Home Due to Fire
  • NCN’s Track Record of Success
  • Results Revealed from School Feasibility Study
  • Making Halloween a Screaming Good Time
  • NCN Cheer Board Kicks Off Annual Merry-Making
  • Citizen Profile: Alberta Linklater – A Growing Leader
  • NCN Recognized for Land Code Ratification
  • The Red Road to Addictions Healing – Medicine Lodge 8-week In-House Treatment Program Heals with Culture
  • NNCEA’s Director of Education Report
  • Winter is coming
  • (OK School) Otetiskiwin Kiskinwamahtowekamik Lunch Hour Change for Safety and Learning
  • Elders to Share and Take Part in Our School’s Programming

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