NNCEA is seeking community members who are interested in providing land-based experiences for NNCEA Staff. Help us integrate our culture, language and land into our school system!

We are looking for facilitators who can provide land-based experiences with regards to Fishing, Hunting, Trapping and Medicine Gathering. Facilitators will be given an Honorarium, and will be paid for their fuel, food and supplies costs used to provide theses experiences.

Below costs are based on 15 sessions (days) being provided to our staff:

  • Group Honorarium (split between facilitators, preferably 2) – $550
    • Honorariums will be provided through cheque or EFT
  • Fuel – $300
    • Fuel will be provided through  Purchase Orders and facilitator supplied Jerry Cans
  • Food – $300
    • Food will be provided through Purchase Order to 3 Rivers Store
  • Supplies (rods, etc.) – $200

Total Per Trip (approx.) – $1,350

Any requests for 2 day trips (IE: Sat and Sun) will be expensed at a rate of 100% the first day and 50% the second day.

  • IE: $550 plus $275 for 2 days
  • $300 plus $150 in fuel
  • $300 plus $150 in food

Open Weekends:

  • September 23/24
  • September 30/Oct 1
  • October 7/8
  • October 14/15
  • October 21/22
  • October 27/28

Below is a link to the required forms and information: