Tansi Nitotimak!

Attention NCN Citizens: The staff is overwhelmed and has very few opportunities to hire more staff as there is a National Nursing Shortage. We ask that visits to the Nursing Station be for emergencies only until further notice.

All emergencies must be called in to the Nursing Station. If it is urgent care, please call the local ambulance at 204-484-2911.

The staff are currently down to:

  • 1 Primary Care Nurse
  • 1 PHN working in a non-expanded role
  • 1 Doctor – who leaves on Friday
  • 1 Sick Nurse

FNIHB is working hard to find more nurses for NCN. If you know of nurses who are currently not working and might be willing to work; we can forward their names to FNIHB. Please contact Councillor Kim Linklater ([email protected]).


~ Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation Chief and Council