In September 2021, the Education Authority will be 40 years young!

We’ll have had 40 years of First Nations Control of First Nations Education in our community!

That is something to be proud of & a great, great milestone!

We need to celebrate this accomplishment!

This will be the theme for this year’s AGA on July 20th, 2021!

To all former and current leaders, School Board members, students, teachers, employees, parents and guardians, here’s a fun task to do while you’re in lockdown!

How did NNCEA get started?  What’s happened over the years?  Where do we want our education system to go in the next 40 years?

If you have any pictures, posters, fond memories, yearbooks of 1981-2021 or super duper ideas, let us know!

Visit AMEC (whenever there’s no lockdown) or call Gail at 204-484-2095 and arrangements can be made to pick up the information.

Your help will make this event a huge success, kinanskomitan!