Tansi, As 2020 nears a close and we begin to look more positively towards 2021, on behalf of myself, my family and Council, we wish everyone in our community, Northern Manitoba, and around the world a safe and happy New Year.
This year has been a challenging year in many ways. The Covid-19 pandemic has tested our ability to persevere through hardships. From the first travel restriction in March, to the current community lockdown measures, we have all been greatly burdened by the emotional and mental toll. However, we can now look toward the new year with hope and optimism. The current case of the virus in the community appears to be stabilized and under control. I am proud of the quick and responsible actions of all our Citizens.
Although we don’t know what 2021 will bring, I am reassured by the last several months and know that we are a strong community. We all hope for a return to ‘normal’ and the chance to get back to all of the things we love and have deeply missed.
Even though times are difficult, we are thankful for the strength of our community.
I want to thank our entire Pandemic Response Team and all the people who have volunteered to help out in so many different ways over the past year. We appreciate the diligent efforts. I also want to thank all of you who have followed the rules that have been put in place, even though we know how hard this has been. We have been able to keep our community safe by working together for the benefit of us all. Let’s continue to care for one another and work to keep it that way.
As a Nation, we are resilient and capable of overcoming obstacles if we remember to remain unified. By watching out for one another and by remembering the teachings of our ancestors, we will get through the pandemic and any other challenges the coming year may bring.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve our community. I look forward to working to make 2021 a great year for Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation.
We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable New Year.