The provincial health authorities notified Chief and Council and our health team this afternoon that there is one presumed positive case in Thompson. This person may have been in contact with several people in our community. At the present time, there are NO confirmed cases in our community. I want to reassure you that our incredible NCN health team is on top of the situation and that it is being well managed.
Given this rapidly changing situation, we have decided that the following measures will be in place UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE while the testing and contact tracing processes are being completed:

  • Only 2 people from each household will be allowed to go to Thompson for supplies;
  • The people who go for supplies will be allowed to re-enter the community as long as all the conditions in OIC 313-2020-18 are being followed;
  • No children will be allowed to leave the community even though it is school flex week;
  • All events such as poker games, church, sweats, ceremonies must be cancelled;
  • No non-resident visitors (with the exception of essential workers) will be allowed to enter the community;
  • No-one will be allowed to go to camp until we have more information about the results from the testing and contact tracing – anyone at camp as of today should stay there;

It is more critical than ever that everyone stay very close to home. You can go out in the community but please do not leave the community while public health conducts further assessments. During this time, please:

  • Stock up on essential supplies;
  • limit your contacts to your own household;
  • wash your hands with soap and water frequently;
  • wear a mask when you are not at home;
  • sanitize your house and vehicle regularly;
  • DO NOT SHARE UNVERIFIED, POTENTIAL MISINFORMATION ON SOCIAL MEDIA – we will continue to provide you with as accurate information as we can as quickly as we can.
  • Continue to be kind, supportive and respectful of each other as no-one intentionally sets out to get this disease and individual health information must remain confidential.

To avoid another complete lockdown in our community we must all be very careful. As I said before, we all must act cautiously – AYAKWAMISIWIN.