Effective: March 18, 2022 at 9:00am


We have all heard by now that the Province has decided to remove all public health restrictions even though it is predicted that the number of active cases will increase if there are no public health measures in place. We are still grappling with the outbreak that started in late December and we have a high number of immune-compromised people in our community. While vaccination still is the best defence against hospitalization and severe illness, our overall population vaccination rates among many our age groups remain lower than elsewhere.

While we understand the pandemic fatigue that exists, we have decided that certain public health measures need to be maintained to protect the health and safety of our community. Unfortunately, the pandemic is not over and there unknowns around the new omicron sub-variant (also called the stealth variant). We appreciate your ongoing support as we navigate how to learn to live with this virus.

Testing and Travel

  • All persons (vaccinated, unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, residents/non-residents) can enter and exit from NCN Lands but must continue to provide the FNSOs at the checkstop with proof of a negative test taken within 48 hours of entry to the community.
  • Persons who travel out of the community and test positive will be required to isolate at home or at an isolation unit as directed by public health.
  • Anyone leaving the community for more than 48 hours can obtain rapid tests from Three Rivers Store, OT Gas, provincial testing sites or pharmacies.
  • Home tests are available from the Public Health department or the Nursing Station for anyone who becomes symptomatic or a contact of a positive case.

Isolation Requirements for Positive Cases and Household/Close Contacts

  • Fully vaccinated persons will still be required to isolate for 5 days from the first sign of symptoms or the day they were tested as long as symptoms are improving and there is no fever. They must then wear a medical grade mask when in public, avoid going to high risk settings for 10 days and self-monitor as long as they have no fever.
  • Unvaccinated persons positive cases will still be required to isolate for 10 days.
  • Unvaccinated household contacts and close contacts will be required to isolate for 10 days and take a rapid home tests on day 2, 7 and 10 after their last contact with a positive case or immediately if they become symptomatic. They must continue to self-monitor for symptoms.
  • Anyone who tests positive MUST notify the people they have been in contact with.


  • All capacity limits and restrictions on visiting have been removed but everybody entering the community must provide proof of a test taken within 48 hours of entry to the community;
  • Event organizers must still have approved mitigation plans in place to prevent events from becoming superspreaders.

Businesses/Facilities/Schools/Construction Sites

  • All facilities, businesses, schools and construction sites will continue to operate in accordance with their mitigation plans.


  • Masks will still be required in all retail businesses, home based businesses, NCN and NCN Entity offices and facilities including our schools and on construction sites.

COVID-19 cases will continue to be closely monitored and more public health measures could be re-introduced if necessary to protect community health and safety.