Another NCN resident has tested positive. We are waiting for further contact tracing results. Unfortunately, the lockdown in accordance with paragraph 32 of the OIC 313-2021-23 dated January 8, 2021 must now be activated. A STAY AT HOME ORDER IS IN EFFECT IMMEDIATELY.

The following additional restrictions and changes are also in effect:

  • NCN government offices remain open but closed to public but the schools and day care will be closed until February 1, 2021 so the health team can further assess the situation.
  • Three Rivers Store, the gas station, the Family & Community Wellness Centre and Command Centre will remain open.
  • Each household can designate a person to shop for groceries or get gas while this lockdown is in effect. The Store capacity has been reduced back to 25 %. Please maintain the social distance of 6ft while in the store line-ups.
  • Special passes and roadblocks will not be put into effect at this time.
  • The curfew will be from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am.
  • There will be no home visiting with the exception of childcare, elder care, medical care, and palliative care. This requires clearance from the command centre.
  • All local business in homes such as confectionaries and food sales will be suspended.
  • Emergency Medical Appointments will continue.

This action is being taken to protect the community. EVERYONE MUST DO THEIR PART AS THE RISK OF SPREAD IS REAL.

We understand everyone is frustrated with the constant screening, monitoring, and isolation requirements, but the restrictions we have put in place have kept our community safe so far. The number of cases has been increasing all around us. Our friends and relatives in other communities have been hard hit by COVID-19. There is also more and more evidence there are long term effects from this virus so we must continue to pull together and hold the line against this disease. We are all part of the team that continues to make NCN STRONG.

Please remember we are not keeping the restrictions in place to make everyone’s life miserable. The restrictions are saving lives.

We remind everyone that being in contact with anyone outside your household is risky. Being in contact with anyone from outside our community is dangerous, not just for you, but for all of us. We have limited the number of people coming into and going out of the community to try to reduce this danger but as the recent close calls have shown, there are still risks.

We must all be vigilant, patient, and kind to each other. We are in this fight of our lives together. Please be responsible at all times as the risks to all of us are very high from this deadly virus.