Report Your Harvest!

The goal is to promote good local moose management, sustain a healthy population, and collect monitoring data for NCNs annual Moose Harvest numbers. To encourage NCN Citizens to report their harvest the random draw will be on December 14, 2022.
Attention NCN Citizens and Programs.


To begin the monitoring of our moose populations & harvest please report your harvest this year. Your name(s) will be entered to win one of six (6) prizes!

Entries must include a picture of one harvester only (per group) with the moose harvested (BULL ONLY).

Report your harvest in person at the LER Office or email and your name will automatically be entered into the draw.

All entries must provide zone or location, date, time, and names of each person in the group (zone map attached). GPS coordinates encouraged but not necessary. Specific location reports will not be shared outside of the LER Office.

For more information contact:
Ed Primrose at (204) 679-4248 or
LER Office at (204) 484-2359

Lets respect our moose populations and remember to harvest BULLS ONLY! NO COWS!