Tansi Nitotimak!

Please be advised that a wolf attacked and seriously injured a dog in the community this morning. There have also been several wolf sightings in the community in the last few days.

Please and if possible, avoid walking around especially at night. Parents please make sure children get to school and back on the school buses, drive them if they don’t normally take the bus or escort children to school if possible. This way, children will not be walking around on their own and risk an attack.

Let’s look out for each other and offer rides if you see anyone walking around in the community.

RCMP and FNSO are going around to try and locate the wolf (or wolves). Please phone RCMP (204 484-2837) or FNSO (204 307-1912) if you see the wolf or wolves around your home. Do not approach the wolf or wolves on your own.

Be alert at all times and stay safe!