This is an update about the current ACTIVE CASE in our community. There are 77 people in 14 houses who are in isolation – 32 people are direct contacts and must remain in isolation for a full 14 days. No-one who is isolating is allowed to leave their house and no-one is allowed to visit them except for a member of our public health team. The test results for the first 22 people will be known in a few days.

Each situation is assessed based on the facts that related to a particular case. Based on the information we currently have, we will lift the Stay at Home Order for now. All other restrictions remain in effect – no gatherings, visiting, sleepovers, etc.

We remind everyone we are still in a pandemic. COVID-19 has no borders. It does not discriminate. It loves to attach itself to you so you can help spread it. This is why WE ALL MUST FOLLOW THE PUBLIC HEALTH MEASURES EVERYDAY until this virus is defeated. Wash your hands, sanitize your houses and vehicles frequently, do not share cigarettes, cannabis, glasses, bottles, toothbrushes or other utensils, practice physical distancing and wear a mask. Most importantly, LIMIT YOUR CONTACTS.

Only 1200 people have been vaccinated – we have over 2200 people in our community who are currently eligible. If you are fed up with lockdowns and restrictions then get vaccinated. Clinics will be held at the Family and Community Wellness Centre this Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. I encourage everyone who is not required to remain in isolation to go get vaccinated.

If you have even mild cold or flu symptoms go get tested IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT WAIT as even a runny nose or cough could mean you have COVID. If you attended the birthday party on March 28 or a gathering over the long weekend and you or anyone you know has symptoms, call public health immediately.

We all must be very careful as there are more contagious variants of the virus circulating that can make people, including younger people, very sick and lead to death. Everyone is working hard to keep our community safe so please do your part. Ekosani!