The Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority located in Nelson House, MB is seeking tender options for the following job regarding internet wiring and technology restoration. The below tasks are to be completed as part of the scope of work and additional tasks that are considered to be contingent on completing the main tasks.

  1. Re-wiring of the existing internet cables at OK school, NNOC school, and Alice Moore Education Centre with CAT-6 cables
  2. 30 network drop computer lab wiring for computer lab at OK (1) and computer lab at NNOC (1)
  3. Fiber end points installed to prepare for installation once community fiber options are complete
  4. New server rack at OK school
  5. Existing racks to be re-wired and cleaned up and organized
  6. Switches and patch panel changes
  7. Camera replacements for low resolution cameras (approx. 20 cameras)
  8. New camera installation in dead zones (approx. 10 cameras)

If you would like to submit a proposal or schedule a tour of our location to determine the needed materials, labor, etc. please email or phone 5193304707. The deadline to submit a detailed proposal consisting of costs, materials, and timeline will be Monday June 8, 2020 at 4:00pm. Please submit your proposal via email to or by fax to 204-484-2257 addressed to Nic Campbell.