I realize that it has been stressful times for all us during these uncertain times. We hope that a vaccine will be developed soon so we can carry on with our regular lives but it looks like we are months, even years before a vaccine will be found to protect us from COVID-19.

In the meantime, we have to try our absolute best to put measures in place to protect this deadly virus from our people. Our freedoms that we enjoyed just a few short months ago may continue to be restricted depending on whether we follow the rules we put in place. At the end of the day, if we want to prevent the spread of this deadly virus, we have to work together collectively. It is the only way to keep this deadly virus out of our Nation.

Our community is very vulnerable. All it takes is one person and our whole community could easily become infected. Many people in our community have underlying health conditions that makes us particularly vulnerable for serious illness and death from this virus. Look at how this virus is affecting First Nation communities in Canada and the US – Kanawake in Quebec, La Loche in northern Saskatchewan and the Navajo Nation in Arizona and New Mexico.

This pandemic knows no boundaries. We must follow the advice of our health professionals.

I know it has been frustrating for all of us, including myself but we must not create animosity on social media and/or bash each other. Instead of offering criticism on social media, please:

  • Provide us with positive suggestions as to what we can all do to help protect our community;
  • Volunteer your services to help out;
  • Give your moral support to our workers who are trying their best to protect you and your families.

I also want to remind all staff that all our policies including our social media policy remains in effect during this pandemic so please govern yourself accordingly.
Stay safe, stay home and at all times remember Kistethichikewin is one of our customary laws so please be respectful to each other.