Shopping & Deliveries Information for NCN Citizens and Residents

Questions and Answers

Bulletin No. 3, April 23, 2020

Q. How long is the State of Emergency going to remain in effect?

A. We do not know for sure as it all depends on whether the virus continues to spread. The current NCN Order in Council (OIC) has extended the State of Emergency until May 20, 2020 just after the long weekend. The current Orders under The Public Health Act (Manitoba) are in effect until May 1st and may be extended. Then we will determine whether any of our measures can be relaxed of it they need to be expanded further. It all depends on the numbers. In the meantime, we must keep our lockdown in place. We review the OIC weekly.

Q. Why do the rules keep changing?

A. COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has spread rapidly around the world in the past 4 months. There are now almost 200,000 deaths and the numbers are growing daily. Governments around the world, including Chief and Council are trying to keep up with rapidly changing developments globally and put in place measures that will protect us here at NCN. Because this situation has never happened before and it is changing all the time we must be flexible to the changes while still trying to meet the needs of our people.

Q. Why do we have to maintain these physical/social distancing rules when there are no cases in Nelson House or Thompson?

A. Physical/social distancing measures, hand washing and continually sanitizing surfaces are the only tools we currently have to prevent the spread of this deadly virus while scientists try to find a treatment and vaccine. But that takes time so in the meantime, we must not let down our guard. In the last month scientists have also learned that people who don’t have symptoms of the virus can pass it on. Therefore, we must continue with these measures so the numbers continue to decrease and until there is more testing available so we know how many people have the virus or may have had it but not had symptoms.

Q. Can I go shopping in Thompson?

A. Yes, but only once on either Friday April 24, Saturday April 25, Tuesday April 28, Wednesday April 29, or Thursday April 30.

Q. What rules do I have to follow to go shopping in Thompson?

A. The following rules must be followed:

1. No person may leave the community before 6:30 am with the exception of essential service workers

2. Only four (4) people aged 18 and over can travel in each vehicle;

3. A maximum of fifteen (15) people on a first come, first serve basis will be allowed on four buses. Social distancing will be in effect while on the bus. Pick up will be start at 9:00 am each morning and second trip at 1:00 pm from the Gilbert McDonald Arena and drop off will be at the Family Foods in Thompson. Each person must go back to Family Foods to catch a ride back to NCN on the same bus they took to Thompson.

4. No children will be allowed to leave the community by personal vehicle or bus;

5. Any person who leaves the community to go shopping must be in the line up at the check-stop no later than 8:00 pm or they will not be allowed to re-enter the community;

6. Each person ordinarily resident at NCN will only be allowed one trip out of and back into the community unless the person is an essential worker.

7. No overnight trips or visiting in Thompson will be allowed;

8. Fast foods will be allowed into the community on these days, but the First Nations Safety Officers shall have the discretion to search such food products;

9. No alcohol or cannabis can be purchased;

10.Each person leaving the community must agree in writing to abide by all NCN Laws and the provisions in this Order prior to leaving the community.

11.Anyone who violates the rules will receive a $500.00 fine, which will be deducted from payroll and social assistance, and could be evicted, banished, have other benefits removed or be subject to other penalties, fines under the Public Health Orders (Manitoba) or Quarantine Act (Canada) and disciplinary action under NCN personnel policies.

Q. Can I go visiting while in Thompson?

A. No.

Q. Why can’t I purchase cannabis while I am shopping in Thompson?

A. You can purchase cannabis online from META and it will be delivered to the check-stop on Tuesdays and Fridays. It will be picked up by the Executive Director of Justice and Public Safety or her designate and taken to the VLT building where it can be picked up by the person who purchased it.

Q. Will I still be able to get my groceries and other supplies delivered to the check stop?

A. Yes, effective May 1, 2020 as long as certain rules are followed.

Q. What are the rules?

A. A person who is ordinarily resident at NCN can order supplies subject to the following rules:

1. all supplies will be searched at the check-stop and the person who ordered the supplies must be co-operative during the pick-up and search;

2. any illegal drugs, alcohol or fast foods found in the supplies will result in all of the supplies being confiscated and the persons delivering and picking up the supplies each being fined $500.00 and they could also be evicted, banished, have other benefits removed, or face other penalties including fines under the Public Health Orders (Manitoba) or Quarantine Act (Canada) and disciplinary action under NCN personnel policies.

3. a person with a valid permit issued in accordance with the Nisichawayasi Community Protection Law, 2019, c. C-1 and regulations will be allowed to order the authorized limit of cannabis online from META in Thompson

4. cannabis ordered online from META will be delivered to the check-stop on Tuesdays and Fridays only and will be given to a person authorized by Chief and Council to pick it up and to the VLT building where the purchaser can pick it up between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm on the day of delivery;

5. all supplies other than cannabis must be picked up at the check-stop by the resident ordering the supplies or by an authorized NCN employee who will deliver the supplies to residents who are unable to travel from their residence to the check-stop;

6. pick-up of deliveries to the check-stop will be allowed daily between the hours of 10:00 am and 8:00 pm; and

7. the cost of deliveries is the responsibility of the residents who order the supplies.