Manitoba Wildfire Services has stated that smoke from wildfires both local and in surrounding provinces will affect all communities in Manitoba as winds shift for a sustained amount of time.  Due to the wildfires in Manitoba at this time and the air quality issues that arise from heavy smoke conditions, communities may need to shelter in place.  The Government of Canada, Get Prepared webpage (During an emergency ( offers follows the following guidance should leadership decide to:

Shelter-in-place due to an air quality threat, such as smoke from a fire

  • Go inside and remain inside your home, office, school or other building
  • Follow instructions from local authorities, close and lock all windows and exterior doors
  • Turn off all fans, heating and air conditioning systems to avoid drawing in outside air
  • Get your emergency kit, including prescribed medication and PPE.
  • PPE equipment is still mandatory
  • Use duct tape or wet cloths to seal cracks around doors, windows and vents

If a wildfire is approaching a community and leadership decides to evacuate, the Government of Canada, Get Prepared webpage offers follows the following guidance on what to take:

  • your emergency kit
  • your emergency plan
  • essential medications and copies of prescriptions
  • a cellular phone (if you have one)
  • your pets

Additional information on preparing for wildfires and on air quality monitoring can be found at:

Pocket Guide to Emergencies (

Conservation and Climate | Province of Manitoba (

Manitoba – Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) – Environment Canada (