NCN Chief and Council is pleased to announce that we have decided to change the location of the skatepark.

The Ron Wood Memorial baseball field will be transformed into the Ron Wood Recreational Park.

Late Ron Wood was an exemplary NCN citizen and a man who gave of himself to better the lives of our children and youth. He volunteered as a coach, a manager and seamster for all the kids in the bay road area. Ron even fed the children and transported them to baseball practices and games.

Ron was interested in many different sports and he encouraged our youth to appreciate and participate in multiple sports as well. Therefore, the Ron Wood Recreational Park will include the new skatepark, a beach volleyball court and an area for playing horseshoes.

Along with the Multiplex and the Desmond Spence Memorial baseball field, the area will be a bustling hub for sports and recreation in NCN- with the arena and youth centre right across the street.

Council would like to thank the community for their input in the plans for this project and also Mr. Nic Campbell for volunteering to be the project manager. Kinanaskomitinawaw! These are very exciting times for our children and our nation!