Safety is most important when it comes to wild animals in and around our community.

There have been sightings of wolves and other animals in NCN.

Stay Smart Around Wild Animals

  • Keep food and other attractants securely stored
  • Store food, garbage and dog food securely so carnivores can’t get to it.
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes, pots, BBQs, empty pet food bowls or even dirty dish water out.

Protect children and pets

  • Don’t leave dogs unattended or off-leash outside at night. They can attract wild animals.
  • Never leave children unattended outdoors.
  • Never attempt to take a photo of your child with a wild animal.

View wild animals from a distance

  • If you see a wild animal, stay quiet and as discreet and insignificant as possible.
  • Stay at least 100 metres (or 10 bus lengths) away from the animal.
  • If you spot evidence of an animal nearby, try to leave the area immediately and notify officials.
  • As you’re walking, make noise, clap, sing or yell to announce your presence to animals that may be in the area.
  • Travel in a group, on marked trails, only during the day.

Be Prepared

  • Hold your ground if a wild animal fearlessly approaches you
  • Make noise and act aggressively by stomping your feet or throwing something
  • Pick up small children and pets immediately
  • Do anything you can to make yourself look bigger and more threatening
  • Do not run, turn your back on the animal or play dead. Back away slowly.

If you see a wild pack of dogs or animals near residential areas, please notify:

  • NCN First Nations Safety Officers: 204-679-0912
  • Dog Control: 204-679-0057
  • EMS Executive Director: 204-679-3704
  • RCMP: 204-484-2837