On October 17, 2018, the use of recreational marijuana will be legal nationwide, Chief and Council have mandated the NCN Administration to focus on improving our operational policies and to promote a safe and healthy work environment for our employees.  NCN, like other employers believes it is important to establish and reinforce policies so that employees know the standard of conduct to which they will be held if they engage in certain activities.   As a result, Council approved the policy on “ALCOHOL AND DRUG USE.

This policy is to prevent problems arising from the inappropriate use of alcohol and drugs; and support employees seeking to address the underlying issues and/or physical, emotional, mental, or social factors that result in abuse of alcohol, drugs, or other substances.

Please note that this policy is already in effect and will be enforced in relation to any conduct related to drug or alcohol use during working hours, when driving a company vehicle and may also be applied to off-duty conduct (see NCN’s Off-Duty Conduct policy for further information).   Therefore, all NCN employees and employees of NCN entities are requested to read the policy and ensure that it is adhered to.

To read the complete policy or to download and print the form for employment purposes click the “View Complete Policy” button.

For additional information and on the regulations with the legalization of Cannabis, please refer to the attached links.

The Cannabis Harm Prevention Act

Cannabis Legalization and Regulation FAQs

Zoning for Cannabis: A Guide for Manitoba Municipalities

A staff meeting will be scheduled to discuss this topic further. In the interim if you have any immediate questions or comments, please do not hesitate to address them with your immediate supervisor.