Nisichawayasihk and Northern Manitoba have one of the most severe winter climates in the world.

We often face severe cold weather conditions that can affect the health of Citizens. Your safety is a priority during our freezing winters.

What are Cold Weather Risks?

  • Your risk of health effects like windburn and frostbite increase at wind chill values below -27.
  • Cover up and stay warm. Wind chill can cause your body to lose heat faster and your skin to freeze very quickly. Wind chills can easily reach below -50
  • We encourage parents to dress your children in warm clothes and footwear
  • Please speak to your children to stay off the ice because it is not safe to be on the lake
  • Use local snowmobile trail routes
  • Know the weather prior to going on snowmobile and hunting trips, tell someone where you are going and when you are expected to return
  • Always supervise your children when outdoors, know local curfew, make sure your children are never outdoors alone


Anyone who isn’t dressed warmly is at risk in cold weather conditions, some are at greater risk than others for frost bite and hypothermia:

  • Outdoor workers
  • People with certain medical conditions such as diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, and diseases affecting the blood vessels
  • People taking certain medications including beta-blockers
  • Winter sport enthusiasts
  • Infants (under 1 year)
  • Seniors (65 years or older)
  • Homeless people