The Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation is now accepting bid quotations for the following Patch & Painting Contract.

Patch & Painting Contract – Job # 2021-04 NCN Justice Building

Labour Contract available to all qualified General Contractors, Drywall Mechanics and or experienced Taper/ Painters. Owner to supply all materials required to perform the contract.

NOTE: Covid – 19 Protocols are in effect and will be enforced.

Bid packages can be obtained at the NCN Trust Office by contacting Nicole McDonald at the NCN Trust Office or call (204) 484-2604 for assistance.

Bids will be accepted by Kim Linklater at the NCN Trust Office and must be submitted in the clearly marked envelope provided and submitted prior to the submission deadline date.

Electronic Tender packages can be downloaded below and submitted electronically to: Kim Linklater –

Submission Deadline Date: March 29, 2021 10:00 a. m.

Submissions after the Submission Deadline Date & time will not be accepted.

All or lowest bids not necessarily accepted.

Mike Cullen,
Commercial Properties & Claims Manager

*Please Note: The Bid Form is on Page 4 of the PDF with the sketch of the building floor plan on Pages 5 & 6 for reference in estimating.

Patch & Paint Tender Package


Patch & Painting Contract – Job # 2021-04 NCN Justice Building

  • Remove 10’x2’ of drywall closet, close in with drywall over remaining frame wall members and install corner beads as required.
  • All interior flooring, office equipment and furnishings to be drop sheet covered prior to application of compound or paint.
  • Remove all pictures, wall hangings and cover plates. Masking tape all areas to prevent paint overspray.
  • Drywall patching throughout entire building interior & exterior walls.
  • Review the materials list with the Project Manager and provide input to ensure all materials required to perform the work are identified.
  • Provide detailed material list to Project Manager for additional materials required for change order if required.
  • Provide detailed labour quotation to Project Manager if a change order is required due to additional work.
  • Remove & replace all damaged casings and baseboards throughout as required.
  • Prime all new and repaired drywall.
  • Apply 2 coats of semi-gloss paint throughout building interior.
  • Contractor responsible to install all cover plates fixtures and return office furnishings to their original placements.

Contractor Responsibilities and Liabilities

  1. Contractor responsible to review the tender package documentation and provide a complete bid package as required to ensure that your bid meets the qualifying criteria.
  2. Contractor responsible to adhere to all applicable codes, regulations and maintain a clean and safe work environment.
  3. Contractor responsible to remove all debris from work site and haul to the landfill site or area designated by the owner, in a timely manner and not allow the debris to accumulate on site or in the property.
  4. Contractor responsible for the safety of all persons permitted on the site for the duration of the contract.
  5. Contractor responsible to inform the NCN Commercial Properties and Claims Manager of any unsafe or health hazardous conditions that may arise as the work is being performed.
  6. Any additional work that may arise from this report, will be negotiated between the contractor and the Designate appointed by the Owner.
  7. All additional work or changes to the contract amount will be supported by an approved Change Order, prior to the contractor’s continuance of original contract.
  8. Contractor responsible to provide all tools, safety equipment etc., required to perform the work.
  9. Contractor will be held accountable for the actions of his employees and or any person or sub-contractor that the General Contractor grants access to the NCN Justice Office work site for the duration of this contract.
  10. Contractor is not permitted to use any equipment or furnishings within the building to perform the work.